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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bad Dreams

I don't want all of my dreams to come true. Those infrequent bad dreams I have while I sleep I would just as soon forget.

Two nights ago, I dreamt John, my husband, ordered me to get back to work. He didn't simply order me, he screamed at me to get back to work. You would have to know John to know that he would never do that. He might quietly suggest I go back to work. Or he might point out a job suited to me. More than likely he would say nothing.

But that dream haunted me throughout the day. I heard his loud, demanding voice which really was nothing more than my own guilt hollering at me to find some way to help with financial income. Naturally, I set about working to ignore the voice in my head and sat in front of the computer working on custom candy bar wrappers.

This helped tremendously as I felt I was doing something toward my candy wrapping business. The two wrappers I designed I posted to my website: Miller's Wrapped Expression. Once I completed that I worked to find ways to get the crud out of the textured linoleum in our kitchen since vinegar and water wasn't doing the trick.

Know what did? Greased Lightning (TM) did it. The floor now looks really clean. I held the nearly empty bottle eye level working to come up with another use for it. Sure enough, with bottle and rag in hand I cleaned dirty smudges and finger prints from the doors in the house.

Now I'm out of Greased Lightning (TM) and have to go out today in the bitter winter cold (it's minus one as I type) to buy more. This also means I will have to shovel the end of the driveway so my small car won't get high centered leaving me stuck half way in the street.

But I managed to quiet that stupid voice in my head yesterday!

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