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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Dream or Do Chores...

Yesterday's day off was not entirely without some work. I'm still cleaning places that haven't seen a dust rag or cleaning solution for years. That's what happens if you work full time and don't want to spend time off working more.

I'm back at work designing more wrappers this morning and managed to come up with a couple of wedding designs. But with Valentines Day looming just a little over a month away, I feel driven to continue designing Valentine wrappers.

Along with designing, maintaining cleanliness in the house, feeding the dog, supervising ferrets during their release from cages for play time, and feeding guinea pigs I have taken on additional tasks. While my mother and father enjoy a lengthy vacation in Texas, I receive and pay their bills. This is not without problems. It seems the electronic payment I made through the bank has not yet been received by the recipient. Of course it's Daddy's credit card bill. They use this credit card almost exclusively for purchases. The bank tells me it could be another two days before the company receives the check.

I also promised my husband I would look into medical insurance for him. He got a new job in October that doesn't offer insurance. Instead they pay him insurance allowance. I am not looking forward to this. I hate insurance companies and their personnel. I can never truly understand what they're talking about.

Let's see... Do I want to continue designing or do I want to begin calling health insurance companies? Gee, I think I need more Valentine wrappers.

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