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Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Dreams to Dream

I had an idea the other day since having removed the virus that continually redirected my computer to unwanted websites.

The idea came on the heels of reading an article about how to save money spent toward doctors and dentists. I'm in need of a hair cut and style. My long hair is the length of my back reaching to where my spine nearly ends. The lady across the street is a full time hair dresser at a swanky salon in downtown Lawrence.

I flagged her down one day when she got home during her lunch hour and asked if she did freelance work. Yes, she said, she does. I asked if she would consider an exchange; she cut and style my hair and I would clean her bathroom or any room she chose. She replied that she would think about it.

This got me to thinking about other things I could barter. I bartered house cleaning for a self-propelled lawn mower. Okay, it cost us $100 to have the fuel tank replaced after using it three or four times but we couldn't have gotten a self-propelled lawn mower for $100.

I'm going to dream up other barters for us. What a great way to get needed or wanted stuff!

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