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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Marketing a Dream... at some point

I'm still working on personalized candy bar wrappers for Valentines Day to put into my portfolio. Once I add a few children themed designs I'll be ready to rock and roll.

There was a frenzy of work the past two days here at the computer as I worked designs until I realized, "I can't really go any where. There's fricking a foot and a half of snow out there! The roads will be a mess and dangerous to boot!" Why, I had to shovel snow just to get to my car to run a short-distance errand and even then I could only shovel the six inch top layer. There's still another six inches beneath.

What's the next best thing? All the contacts in my email address book. Most of my contacts are out of state but there isn't any reason why I can't promote the candy wrappers through email. I will attach a couple of samples and direct everyone to my website. Shoot, maybe I'll even give some away.

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