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Monday, January 4, 2010

Latest Creation

I thought I had an original idea but come to find out - after searching on the Internet for something - my idea wasn't original.

I had taken discarded egg shells and made votive candles out of them. But first I sealed the shells then painted them with acrylic paints. After inserting wicks, melting and pouring the wax into the shells, I let them rest and waited impatiently for the wax to harden.

I was finally able to light them and was happily surprised to see the shell color glow with the acrylic colors. I won't let the fact that the idea wasn't original stop me from marketing them (along with the personalized custom candy bar wrappers I have created) to gift shops. If they will allow me, I will leave samples for their customers as well as my business cards. Retailers love freebies to give out so there shouldn't be any problems in placing the samples.

Now whether or not consumers will find the egg shell votives and candy wrappers worthy of purchase is the question yet to be answered. But my marketing experience tells me the more I place the better chance of someone buying one or the other or both. After all, it's all about the numbers. The more people or businesses you introduce yourself to the better of success.

With that, I need to finish up all my votive samples I have created for Valentines Day along with my portfolio of candy bar wrappers.

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