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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Infected with Trojan Virus - Redirects Computer

My computer got a cooty, a virus that irritatingly redirects my computer to another website other than the one I chose.

I have a feeling I know where the infection occurred. I mean, I don't remember the name of the website but I do remember what I was doing when it happened and what the website looked like.

I was innocently looking for a particular piece of music and clicked on a link which took me to the source. Once I had clicked through looking for the piece, wham! I was struck. I spent the better part of yesterday working to rid my computer of the nasty infection.

I did a search using the words "spy ware redirects my computer". Sure enough, many... MANY others were having the same problem. I ended up at a website called They were extremely helpful; had already posted steps to take to (hopefully) remove the virus.

My computer still isn't right and I still have work to do in order to get rid of the pesky bug but I do want to take a moment to thank those kind people at Without helpful people and free spy ware removal programs, people like me would be would be wiping our hard drives which - if anyone has ever done it - is a pain in the behind.

If your computer has been infected with this Trojan virus visit Hopefully, this will help.

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