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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Website and Blog Optimization: Not for the Amateur

My dream of optimizing my website,, and blogs (this blog plus has been shot down. Finding that I can't took nearly a day.

My biggest road block? I'm not familiar with HTML and using a free optimizer requires that I do. I could wing it but I risk screwing up my website and I have no friends to help me here in town. According to the free optimizer instructions, if I don't know HTML then I should find a web master to help me. So much for retaining independence.

So, what do I do now? The answer: Continue researching using key words like optimizer. That said, it is one of the basic necessities for getting a website known. Use key words people most likely would search.

Next, I will find other websites like mine and ask for a reciprocal link.

I already have my blogs and website URLs in the signature of my email which is helpful.

As for my blogs, I have begun clicking the share button to share them on a social network.

For both my website and blogs, I have taken advantage of AdSense, a free add-on that puts advertisements on my sites according to content. According to my account, people have visited my sites and I have had click-throughs which has earned me about ten dollars. Still, it's exposure.

Many people have the information I need. I find it all over the Internet. It's simply a matter of reading, studying and using the information I find.

If you can't afford a website and you utilize free space offers on your own with no help from a web master, expect to use the basic of basic methods to get traffic moving through it.

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