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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

With Imagination and Dreaming

I swore I would never leave Florida after moving there in 1988. Not only was it warm and green there year around there were job opportunities - more than Kansas and I was able to make much more money. But after nearly twenty years the time came when my mother desperately needed me to help with her husband who had suffered a stroke and had become an invalid.

After weeks rolled by and I had settled in to my new routine and job I found my free time boring. I had done all I could in cleaning Mother's house, organizing and ridding her of junk. I needed to be productive beyond what I was doing so decided I would start a pet-sitting business and advertise house cleaning as an aside.

I advertised my services in the newspaper and purchased a magnet sign for the side of my car. After several weeks I got my first pet sitting job. Not long after, I answered a classified to clean a home for a retired professor. As the time passed, I was made aware people in this city were either not in need of a pet-sitter or simply weren't interested so I pursued the house cleaning business.

My step father was put into assisted living during my first year back home. He simply was too much for me, Mother and his son to care for or handle. This left even more time for me to fill. Further, I had moved into my own home leaving me in need of even more income.

After going door to door and dropping hundreds of fliers at residential homes touting my new business and responding to classifieds, I had found clients enough to keep me busy and bring in a decent income. Two years later another opportunity arose. I was hired as an independent 1099 to sell coffee and related items. I was thrilled to be able to drop my house cleaning clients. I'm in my fifties and have chronic back problems along with arthritis in my lower neck and third and forth back lumbar. If anyone reading this has this same problem then you know the pain and agony one experiences.

I bid all my clients adieu and dived nose first into the business of selling coffee, hot cups and other related items. After all, I had sold myself to people with homes...

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