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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of the Line and Dreams

With the excitement of selling coffee and the related items for a distributor out of Montana, I hit the streets with what few samples they could send to me. The first month was frustrating because of the difficulty to convince coffee shops in Lawrence to - at the very least - try the products I was selling.

I was surprised, to say the least. I was pretty certain the local coffee shops would embrace having a local distributor who was also selling a unique hot cup at the same price as the cups and sleeves they purchased. But no... They wanted nothing to do with me.

It occurred to me the outlaying areas might feel differently. They did. Business began to boom for me in Ottawa, Baldwin, Topeka. Just as I was getting my feet beneath me, my pitch honed to a fine art, the rug was pulled out and I was told the Montana distributor was in deep financial do-do; their future uncertain.

I consulted my husband and we agreed to continue selling and mailing checks to them would be futile. I had only received partial payment of my commissions and there was little hope I would receive the remainder. Also, to continue the relationships with my new clients might mean that I would have to begin telling them product is unavailable. That would not enhance my relationship nor credibility with them.

Now I am without a dream. In the past thirty years I have accomplished and realized my fantasies. I was successful at most everything I set out to do which is something I brag to my children who are now thirty or close to it.

I try to instill into them that whatever it is they want to do, they can with effort and time; patience and tenacity. Actually, I began the task of implanting that idea when they were much younger and it seems to have taken.

My daughter travelled the world with Arlo Guthrie and his family for years. She has seen Belgium, Ireland and England; the Pacific Northwest and the upper eastern side of the U.S.

My son has become the top sales person for a company and set a record in sales. He also is sought to crew on sail boats to navigate and strategize courses for races. Well, he has been sailing since he was four or five. His dad and I were competitive racers years ago.

I suppose I could dream for my children and fantasize their realization of their dreams and desires in the year to come. Some how that seems unnecessary as they appear quite capable of making their dreams come true.

I suppose I could begin to fantasize there is a new goal to work toward and accomplish. I suppose I could use my sales experience to market the customized candy wrappers or the homemade candles I create. Right now - though - I am content. I put my artistic skills to work creating customized candy wrappers for birthdays and assorted occasions, make candles and decorate them with acrylic paint or clip art; I have written lyrics and had a professional musician put music to them for my husband for Christmas; bead homemade Christmas tree decorations and think up new ways to satiate my creative side.

Dreams... I never thought that I would go from a bare footed farm girl to an art director, Operations Manager, composer of songs or an author. Never in my wildest of dreams but I did.

How lucky am I?

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