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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dreams Come True

"Where are you going with this?" you ask. I will tell you... in good time.

Some years later after I had pestered the Production Manager once a month for two years, I finally landed a job at an automotive magazine publishing company. What a deal THAT was to get paid a fair wage to learn to use a computer to lay out magazine pages. This was back in the day when many publishers still did paste up on boards.

It wasn't very long after being hired as a production artist that they promoted me to Art Director of the magazine that started it all. I was in hog heaven. The bare-footed farm girl art directing an international magazine.

An addendum to dream number one had been granted. Another addendum was granted two years after the publishing company was bought out by an enormous one from California. I fell into another publishing company in 2000. I wasn't to art direct the wristwatch magazine but I did have quite a lot of input into its design. No, I was to help run the company and left that job with the title of Operations Manager.

During my free time, I began taking guitar lessons. Dream number two was about to come true.

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