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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5.9 Earth Quake Hits East Coast

So, this is a short version of what happened:

(cell phone rings)

"Hey, Beth, what's up?" I say into the receiver.
"Is Jill okay?" Beth asks in a somewhat worried voice.
"Ummmm... I guess. I haven't heard from her which usually means all is okay in her world. Why do you ask?"
"You didn't hear about the earth quake?" Beth gasps which is really nearly a squealed admonishment.
"Mmmmm... nooooo," I respond before loudly slurping my drink. "What earth quake?"
"There was an earth quake along the east coast!" Beth said with a slight inkling of impatience.
"Really! Sooooooo... what does this have to do with Jill?" I query.
Heaving a heavy sigh, Beth responds loudly, "The epicenter was in Virginia!"
"Eee-yow-ah! You didn't know? Jeesh, Jill could be hurt!"
I ignore Beth's implied slap on the wrist. "I think she'd call me if there was something wrong. I guess I'd better call, huh?"
"I guess you'd better," Beth said in her motherly voice. "I'll get off the phone now so you can give her a call."
"Okay, and if anything is wrong, if she isn't okay I'll call you back otherwise if you don't hear from me all is well."

Okay... so that's how that conversation went.

(cell phone rings)

"Jill, are you okay?" I ask in a concerned motherly voice.
"Oh, Mom, it's been chaotic! I was at work and the building in progress across the street collapsed, cars are over-turned and people are out roaming around with no clue as to what to do!" Jill bellows into the phone.
"Oh my gosh! Really?" I said with surprise which is quickly turning into distress. My poor baby girl, I'm now thinking.
"Nahhhhh... it wasn't anything," Jill said, laughing.
"You witch! You scared me!" I'm ready to kill her now for such a practical joke.
Jill laughed harder. "Every thing's okay. The quake hardly produced any shaking at all."

That is how that conversation went. Just wait until Beth, Jill's godmother, hears what my little girl did to me! I'm tellin'!

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