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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Managing Psoriasis with Vitamins & Herbal Pills

I do not have pictures of John's severe psoriasis break-out - not before taking the vitamin and herb regimen nor the after results. I can only describe what we did to help the break-out and what I witnessed.

From 2007 to late 2010, John's (age 56) psoriasis was barely being managed by the cortisone cream the doctor prescribed him but it was somewhat under control. The patches on his elbows, hands, buttocks and legs were red and scaly but moderately noticeable.

With the stress with his job and job-related injury requiring surgery in 2010, the psoriasis spread over his entire abdomen and lower back appearing as large, raised welts. Along with the cortisone prescribed by the doctor to control the itching, he applied a mix of mineral oil and 100% vegetable glycerin. He also used a mix of coffee grounds, oil, and glycerin to exfoliate when he showered. These treatments did nothing to control the spreading nor the extreme itching he was suffering.

Research on the Internet for homeopathic psoriasis remedies indicated low zinc levels and liver function could be possible culprits along with an over-active immune system. Below is the list of items we purchased in hopes of controlling, at the very least, extreme itching and scaling.

Flax seed oil
Omega 3 fish oil
Vitamin D3

He takes these everyday - exception is zinc he takes every other day as one can overdose - along with his normal vitamin pill, glucosamine with chondroitin pill (for joints) and oil with glycerin routine.

Within three months, the bright red patches, scaling and itching virtually disappeared. The large, red patches that once covered his abdomen and lower back have disappeared leaving only trace scarring. There is slight evidence of psoriasis on his legs, elbows and hands. He is no long using the prescription and has to only use moderate amounts of the oil with glycerin mix.

We do not know which of the combination of pills reduced the psoriasis but it is evident some or all of the combination works.

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