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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Make Flowers Out of Used (and Unused) Dryer Sheets

I needed to make a floral topper to finish off my cake slice favor boxes cake that is going into Madame Hatter's gift shop in Bonner Springs, Ks. It wasn't difficult to find the instructions on the Internet. You can see the results to the left. Tissue paper and accordian folding resulted in the colorful, fluffy topper.

While folding clothes one day, I found the used dryer sheet and was preparing to throw it into the trash but found myself staring at it. Why couldn't I make a flower out of it using the tissue folding method? But that's not what I started out doing. Instead, I decided to loosely roll it to hopefully end up with something that resembled a rose. I obtained the rose-shape, tied off the bottom with floral wire leaving a two inch tail.

Next, I cut a wooden skewer in half, wrapped it in green floral tape. Then I ripped off a strip of floral tape and wound it around the wire tail I was holding against the wrapped skewer. I thought it didn't turn out too badly. But as usual, it got me to thinking again. Why couldn't I take a fresh, unused dryer sheet and
accordion fold it into a "tissue" flower? Not only does it smell nice but it looks good, too.

If you're interested in how to make tissue paper roses or fluffy flowers, just do an Internet search using search words how to make folded tissue roses (flowers). Here's the video I used as instruction for the rose:

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