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Friday, May 27, 2011

Hindu Wedding Favors

I was given the opportunity by wedding planner Carmen, owner of A Beautiful Wedding, to make hard candy mint covers for a couple having a traditional Hindu wedding here in town.

After she consulted with the bride-to-be, she forwarded a Ganesh with instructions to design 250 candy wrappers; one half in teal with the other half in hot pink. It was a definite challenge of my abilities as the image was a very low resolution but with the aid of PhotoPosPro, a free photo-editing software, I was able to recreate the piece in a higher resolution that I used to design a few samples for Carmen to show the bride.

Revised designs went back and forth a few times but the end result was a hit. Immediately, printing, cutting, and assembling the 250 pieces began. It was a bumpy ride as my printer would hiccup between printing pieces, frustrating me to the point of grabbing my hair and yanking so as not to gather the printer in my arms, stomping to the back door and heaving it into the yard. I later found out my printer isn't fond of mass printing high resolution.

Finally, all 250 mint covers were assembled. I proudly handed them over to Carmen then watched the day of the wedding come and go, and when pictures of it appeared in the Lawrence Journal World, I wondered about the guests' responses to my design.

Carmen wrote assuring me the bride was overjoyed with them. Later,I received an email from the wedding photographer, Loraine McCall of Mojica Photography, in regards to mentioning Miller's Wrapped Expression in her blog (link).

"I did take at least one image of them! I thought they were an adorable touch next tot the cakes! I will be sure to add  that (a mention and picture) once I process that image."

At last look, the mention wasn't there. Despite that, you should go take a look at the beautiful photography by Loraine. From what I can see, A Beautiful Wedding did a fantastic job. We all should be patting ourselves on the back.

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