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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dream of Add to Cart or Buy Now Buttons

It was time for me to bite the bullet. I had to add payment buttons to both of my web sites (Miller's Wrapped Expression and Clip Art by Miller) because it simply wouldn't do for prospects to click "Contact" to order something. So began my search and research for payment buttons.

I initially tried adding buttons from Google gadgets. This was total ignorance on my part because where would the money go? There was no account set up. After a couple of weeks pondering options (realizing - of course - that I am no web master and don't know HTML from any other coding therefore scared to death of screwing up something), it suddenly dawned on me that I have a Paypal account. Duh.

I started with "Buy Now". The Paypal instructions said to create a description, type in pricing, click the "get code" button, copy and paste the coding into the HTML code of my web page. Easy enough. Instead of typing out a description for each candy bar, I simply clicked on the sample candy wrapper picture, clicked "properties" and copied the description. Not the entire picture link but the simple description like "lion_crouching". Then I headed back to the open Paypal window and pasted in the description and copied the coding for the candy wrapper.

After returning to Miller's Wrapped Expression open window, I clicked where I wanted to put the link and opened the HTML window. I scanned the coding for the description of the sample picture but couldn't find it. So I opened "Find on this page", typed in "lion" and hit the "find" button. Voila! There it was. I pasted the coding from Paypal beneath the picture name and clicked "preview". Ah, I did it correctly.

I did several before I realized I needed "Add to Cart" and assorted sizes rather than "Buy Now". No problem. I just went back, deleted all the "Buy Now" buttons from my web page and Paypal, and created new buttons after adding three different sizes of candy wrappers along with prices.

It wasn't easy but I managed to do it with little knowledge and a little reading.

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