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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How I Saved Money on Postage This Christmas

How many of you have compared flat rate Priority versus Parcel Post pricing? I made the mistake of not doing comparisons last year and ended up spending more than I needed to spend when I mailed Christmas presents.

This year was different. Instead of assuming United Postal Service's flat rate boxes (if it fits, it ships) would be the cheapest way to mail Christmas presents, I navigated to to do a little research. The URLs are located at the bottom of this blog.

I clicked on Parcel Post, located the zone table and typed in the first three digits of the zip code for the address furthest from me. Based on the weight of the package going to that zone, I was going to save close to three dollars for the one package as compared to mailing using a flat rate box. With that information in hand, there was no doubt I would save on the remaining packages as all of them were basically the same weight.

In all, I saved close to thirty dollars mailing nine packages Parcel Post. So, unless you are sending a personalized brick that can fit into a medium sized flat rate box, save your money by packing in a box you have laying around and send it Parcel Post.

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