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Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Way to Earn Extra Income

I have a little artistic talent; can paint poinsettias, snowmen, winter and summer country mountain or forest scenes and the like on canvas, paper, wine bottles or glasses. After painting a Christmas scene on one of the windows in our house I decided I would see if there was anyone interested in having their own home window painted with a Christmas scene for a small fee. Sure enough, after advertising on a website that offers free posting, a lady replied; emailed that she had two windows she wanted painted with Christmas scenes.

This goes to show that if you have a talent for something, chances are at least one other person will need or want your services.

Here are some ideas to earn extra income or for barter:
Flower arrangements
Bouquets and candy bouquets
Party planning
Snow shoveling
Organizing closets, garages, cabinets
House cleaning
Cut hair
Style hair
Rake leaves
Clean car interiors
Run errands
Grocery shop

And pass the word around to all of your friends. Tell them you are willing to apply your talent or knack for a small fee. Be sure to advertise on websites that allow posts for no cost and post on your favorite social network website.

I did a search for sites like craigslist and found several responses. I plan on checking them out to see what will best serve me. And, I never charge a lot for my services. I research costs then under bid by several dollars. Doing so ensures I will get a customer at least ninety percent of the time.

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