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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Dreams Don't Come True

I had a dream of becoming a contributor for a popular how-to site. I enjoy writing especially about things I have conceptualized and made. Although I know I'm not a fantastic writer, I thought I would submit my application. After all, the worst that could happen is they would say no.

The application process required a resume. I dug out my back up CDs, found my resume, re-worked it then saved it to my personal desk top folder.

The website also required sample writing. What I should have done was submit a piece I had written and re-written several times to ensure there were no mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Instead, I wrote a new piece. I read it over several times, corrected the mistakes I found then headed to the website to fill out the application.

I entered all the required information which was basic like my name and address; attached my sample piece and my resume, hit the submit button then waited.

It took only a couple of hours to receive their response; surprising considering they must receive hundreds of applications a day. My application was declined. I was hurt but only a little as I had no great expectations but I did wonder what was wrong with my writing sample. I pulled it up and re-read it.

Tarnation! There was a mistake in the last paragraph. I had re-written a sentence but neglected to remove a word. Obviously, I hadn't re-read what I had corrected. Lesson: Be sure to re-read what you have written before submitting it as a sample of your work especially if you seriously want to be hired to write how-tos for money.

I dreamed; I tried but apparently sabotaged myself. So, on to the next dream...

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