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Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreams: Christmas Cards

What's more unique than a handmade Christmas card? A hand painted Christmas card.

My Christmas factory has been busily designing, creating and painting Christmas cards. Thanks to a good friend, Rick, I received and finished my first order of 16 homemade, hand painted cards! Done in layers of colored paper with the main image painted in acrylics, I have illustrated Cowboy Snowmen.

For the Cowboy Snowman and snow, I used a base of purple with glaze then add layers of white and blue. The hat is painted in layers of yellow ochre with glaze, tan and brown using white and black to highlight and shadow.

But I'm not limiting myself to just Cowboy Snowmen. I'm painting poinsettias, ferns, Christmas balls and holly. Interested? Please go to my website

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