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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plodding Toward the Dream

Below: A jar label I designed for my husband's Pico de Gallo. Did I mention he's a wonderful cook?
Getting organized, having enough in my portfolio to show and keeping the website updated all takes time. In order to sell my goods - for that matter - anyone who has goods to sell has to have the goods. It's not any good to walk in to a place cold calling and tell them about your wonderful product if you don't have anything to show. Or that you have a website but there are very few items on it to look at.

Not only do I need a portfolio of designs but I need - as well - samples, lots of wrapped samples. All the candy bar wrappers simply show better if they're wrapped around something. Because I don't want to carry around chocolate bars I cut out cardboard fakes. Yes, they are fake but they show off the product and the customer gets a grand idea of how the end product will look.

And I have to have pages of clipart. Pages and pages of clip art. Although it's easy enough to print out all of these necessities, it's still time consuming and the printer wants ink. Lots of ink. I also have to do a lot of cutting out of things. Then there's the gluing or taping to make the end result look professional.

It all takes time and I'm an impatient person. I want to get out there to begin showing my stuff. I also want to get all the "no" responses behind me. But I've had enough experience - life experience - to know it does no good to get impatient. I know that if I keep plodding forward - as slow as it may be - I will eventually be on the road stopping into places and marketing my candy wrappers.

Sometimes it's just a slow process to see out a dream.

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