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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Building Inventory of Dreams

Rather than spending the day creating faux candy bars out of cardboard to wrap in custom Valentine Day wrappers for samples, I found myself imagining and creating egg shell Valentine votive holders. Before I knew it, the day had passed and it was time to feed, walk the dog, prepare guinea pig salad and let out my boys (ferrets), Ponc and Poncho.

Well, I did manage to print a few custom wrappers out but that was it. I was consumed with the egg shell designs and searching the house for something out of which to make stands for them.

I did finally find a nice thick cardboard tube from a roll of aluminum foil. I measured and marked around the perimeter then using a serrated knife cut them to a decent length. I wrapped some with glittering gold ribbon, some I simply painted with black acrylic and added polka dots. Later I will seal them with Mod Podge (TM) which will also make them shine.

Mod Podge (TM) is what I use to seal the egg shells. After painting the designs with acrylic paint I use the Mod Podge (TM) again to give them a glossy look.

I don't particularly like to spend money on craft supplies unless I absolutely have to. I'm a huge fan of turning the house upside down looking for materials to reuse, recycle. I suggested to my husband, John, I'd like to have some copper wire because I like the looks of it.

Did you know that cables for the TV and stereo contain a core of copper wire? John knew this and because he loves to save money just as much as I gave me this bit of information.

Yesterday, not only did I design and paint egg shells but I striped unused cable wire down to the copper wire core. After measuring and bending the wire into circles, I glued them onto the seed beads around the rim of the shell.

I also used the wire to bend into heart shapes which hang on the rim wire used to somewhat conceal the ragged shell edge. All that remains to do to them is add a wick, melt and pour wax.

Pictures will be added to my portfolio of candy wrappers. You never can tell. Someone just might want to buy one!

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